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Are you considering reupholstering your piece of furniture?

In order to make a house your home, you need to add a personal touch. Many times, it’s a unique piece of furniture that holds fond memories. Even though the fabric has seen better days, you haven’t the heart to replace it with something new. The only option is to give it a makeover! It’s time to start searching for upholstery companies in Dubai. Here is everything you need to know about making your sofa, chair, or headboard new again.

  1. Upholstery companies in DubaiGo to a reputable company

    Antiques and heirlooms are prized possessions. You don’t want to hand them over to just anyone. Search for a reputable upholsterer, preferably someone that a friend or family member has recommended. To get an idea of how professional they are this job, ask to see a few of the items that they have recently refurbished. Pay close attention to the quality of the work, especially the stitching.

  2. Consider the cost

    Many contributing factors play their part here. Here is a list of some of the things that will influence the total. You’ll be surprised how quickly the numbers add up.

    • The obvious expense is the cost of the fabric, meaning the price per yard.

    • The size of the piece, its condition, and the style are the fundamental constituents of the cost of repair.

    • And then there is the cost of labor. Since there is no fixed market for this, it’s hard to put an exact figure on this.

    • Remember to ask about pickup and delivery charges. It’s better to have information upfront about what the company policies are.

    • Clarify if there are any hidden charges, such as repairing a damaged wooden frame or replacing coil springs.

    • The amount of fabric utilized will directly impact the bill. The more cushions there are, the more material you will need. For the same reason, loose back sofas are more expensive to reupholster.

    • Ghulam Mustafa FurnitureSimilarly, if you’re using a patterned fabric, it’ll cost more because quite a bit of material gets wasted while trying to match up the print

  3. Is it the right decision?

    Even after considering everything, customers often question whether changing the fabric is the right thing to do? If it’s near and dear to the heart, ditching it is out of the question. But if it isn’t, think about the durability of the furniture. Much of the furniture manufactured these days isn’t made to last too long. So, reupholstering it isn’t wise. But if it’s made of wood and is still usable after 15 or 20 years, then you’re the lucky owner of a piece of furniture made of superior quality. And another easy way to tell is by its weight- poor quality ones are lightweight and can easily be lifted.

    Even though upholstering a piece of furniture can prove to be expensive, the value it holds makes it all the worthwhile. As long as the upholstery company holds their end of the bargain and gives the ‘rejuvenated’ furniture back in the allocated time frame, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.