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Deck Vs Wood - Which Works Better

Best material for building your homeA deck can keep going from 10 to 30 years if created from wood which is untreated and can go on so long as 50 years for composite materials or treated wood. A deck is undoubtedly a long-term investment and you'll be enjoying it for many years to come, it is important to understand the selection of WPC decking in Dubai by Green Paradise Interior & Exterior prior to starting your building task.

Both composite materials and untreated wood materials come in high and low quality, so cost or quality is not really the only factor.

However, composite materials are less prone to damage and require low maintenance which makes them a little bit high in cost. Let's check out some of the problems involved in deciding on the best deck materials for your deck.

Deck Made of Wood

Many people choose real wood for their decks due to its warm and natural appearance. It just seems good. But there's hardwood and then there's timber. The sort of lumber you select for a wooden deck is critically important to the durability and degree of maintenance of your deck.

Deck made of wood best choice for homeA typical and inexpensive option is to go with pressure-treated lumber, also known as PT. PT solid wood is constructed of fir soaked in insecticide and anti-rot agents. It leaves an amazing natural color with a slightly brown-green tint, nevertheless, you can stain it for a far more attractive color. But there are grounds that is the cheapest option for decking: it's vulnerable to splitting, warping, and cracking, and it also requires optimum regular maintenance. If you'd like the natural path, choose a weather-resistant real wood such as redwood or cedar. These kinds of decks have a lovely look-and-feel and avoid warping, breaking or other weather destruction. Redwood is usually costlier than cedar and generally, these kinds of decks come in at around three times the price tag.

Ipe is an extremely expensive wood used for decks, which is also effortlessly protected to rot but is a harder solid wood and therefore stronger than either redwood or cedar. Ipe can cost up to four times the price tag on the cedar/redwood option since it is brought in from South America.

Deck Made of Composite Material

The gaining in recognition are composite decking materials, made up mainly of a variety of plastic and wood stuff. While a deck constructed of these materials is evidently not natural and may not provide the potential beauty of any real-wood deck, you can select from a range of colors to imitate a far more natural look.

It requires low maintenance with no sanding, staining, or refinishing. Further, it usually includes at least a 20-time guarantee if not really a lifetime warranty. The disadvantage is its cost, which operates about twice that of natural hardwood decks, depending on quality and warranty.