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First impressionWelcome to the products section of Mars Group, Abu Dhabi. We gather the finest products from you from all over the world so as to provide you with a wider range of options to buy from, based on your choice & taste, need and functionality, price or budget.

Why us?

The first question that we would like to answer you for is why should you choose Mars Group for your soft furnishing shopping, well, we have tried to identify reasons as pointers for you,

We are here to help

As abstract as the concept may seem, our vision revolves around helping people maintain and run their businesses or have their routine maintenance done at home. It is not a vision that we highlight in our office as a board or on our website as a catch-phrase only, we believe it fully. Our first reason to be doing this is helping people and secondarily comes the profit and business associated benefits.

This should guide you for a better choice. Our commitment is a promise that we plan on keeping even after the service, if required

Only the highest quality

GuidanceAn important reason why we have made such a good name and rapport in Abu Dhabi is because of the quality of products we have to offer. Our team is constantly in touch with global representatives and channel partners to be able to provide you with a newer and different kind of product, all the time.

The ability to always keep the pricing at lowest, cater to your needs, providing you with a product that has a longer life, all of this combined gives us our hard earned credibility in Abu Dhabi


For us, it's never a plus minus equation, it always has to be a win-win situation for both parties. And so our team is constantly trying to provide you with any necessary technical detail that you would like to know. We are among the businesses or firms who conceal information in order to prevent you from making a better-informed decision. With this, with conveying a thorough understanding behind peculiars of each product, we want you to make a better-informed decision and rely on us for our credibility.

Our Impression

We take our work very seriously. For us, it’s our technical expertise combined with professionalism. Given the in-depth devotion to only giving superior service, we take our products installed at your workplace or home as our impressions that continue to remind you and your family or your employees of our good work and collaboration.

This is probably the single most important reason for you to rely on with your maintenance and cleaning services. Everything we do, we put out our best effort, work with extra dedication, and always try and leave the place such that we are ever remembered for the kind of experience we were able to create with our work.