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Panel track blinds are suitable for large windows and doors. A panel of material is attached to a sliding track system, usually wheeled for smooth operation.

Relax timeOur lives are demanding. They exhaust us by the end of the day and it is difficult to balance time between family, friends, and work or just to catch our breath. A long tiring day needs a good post work time at home to relax and unwind from all the hardships one went through throughout the day. That comfortable me-time with the family, alone or just sleeping is mandatory to be rejuvenated so as to be back at work the next day with all replenished energy.

We at MARS Groups offer a wide range of cushions personalized as per your requirement. We offer made to measure services for your exact specifications. Our expertise put in shape and forms what you have been visualizing in your dream setup. No matter what you choose, color, design, shapes; it will be delivered well within your budget. You can count on us for the cushions of your dreams, made using a fabric from our versatile fabric options or from your own.

Never Ending Options To Choose From

Different cushionsThe infinite available options help enhance the ambiance by creating different moods, atmosphere, and looks and bring out the overall beauty of any setup. Cushions are a direct reflection of you and your personality. They can help you create an array of themes even in a short space and brings to life all the dead nooks and corners of a room or house. MARS Group has cushion covers for all your needs. From vintage, to contemporary and embellished, we have it all.

A Different Cushion, A Different Experience

Want a cozy feel? Opt for the plain good flowery material. Want to make more of a feminine impact? Let patterned frilled cushions do the talking. Want a celebrated feel? Let starry, glowy throws add to the feel. We assure you a new feel, a new experience with each new cushion made at MARS Groups.


Simple, fancy, plain or classic, the options are endless. Your room can have a different feel each month, each week or even every day; as often you like. All you need is a little imagination and we shall materialize it.

Comfort with style

A Royal Tradition

Historically, cushions have appeared as a sign of wealth and prestige. They even made it to the best regal paintings and monuments. They were and still are used to carry crowns and precious jewels. A small version of it is the traditional way of transporting wedding rings down the aisle.

Comfort With Style

Filled with different pillow inserts giving you the right kind of comfort while at home or on the go. Yes, cushions can be carried while traveling or when driving so wherever you go, take along your travel buddy for the ultimate pain-free time.