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Blinds And Shades

Roman blinds are made from fabric which is designed to fold into pleats when the blinds are raised. Also known as fabric shades or Roman shades, Roman blinds are popular in a variety of interior design schemes.

Privacy and stylePrivacy and style are the two things of utmost importance. Choosing a window treatment that adds to your style and let your secret safe is a difficult task. Do you plan on installing blinds and shades for that extra oomph in your room setup or to not let your neighbors know about your personal life? Let MARS Group deliver what you require.

Our diligent team helps you select from the best available options and customize it as per your liking. Got questions like; How formal should your blinds be, or how sheer? What fabric to choose? What style to opt for? How your neighbors got theirs to look so glam? Let us welcome you to the world of new trends and awe worthy designs of blinds and shades.

Just how windows serve a purpose, blinds and shades should be both functional and decorative. A little dress up of the windows can bring them to life without a major dent on your pocket. Our window treatments are offered in an array of colors, designs, fabrics, are user-friendly and are the most safety conscious option available in the market.



You can choose from the following mentioned styles as per your needs.

Vertical Blinds:

BlindsIdeally installed at or across sliding glass doors. Works best for windows that are broader than their height.

Horizontal Slats:

Best pick for small, congested rooms to create an illusion of more space and wider windows.

Pros and Cons of Blinds?

The upside is that the blinds need not be drawn half way for light entry as with shades. The length of the window is fully draped even when the slats are opened, adding to a more finished look. It is the best ever an option for bedrooms and bathrooms because they can be rolled down for privacy and also be adjusted for adequate light.

The downside is that slats attract grim and thus it needs a thorough clean-up every now and then.


This is what versatility and style are all about. A handpicked selection of different textures, patterns, fabric and colors provide ways to create various moods and looks. A few available options include:

Woven Wood:

Close to nature, full coverage. Gives an earthy feel and works best in gardens and breakfast areas.

Roman Shades:

Woven woodHandled and adjusted by a cord, they are soft with wide pleats and fold flat when raised by a cord. This is an amazing option for family room and dining rooms.

Tight Weaves:

These opaque shades provide optimal privacy for they are made with twill. These are lovely for use in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Made of a sheer weave, they filter the UV rays and yet not block the outer view. It is a good option for sunrooms and light-drenched areas.


These are best used in media rooms, for they block 100 percent of light.

Honeycomb: a beautiful option for weather extreme areas. These are made of air pockets which trap heat during winter and release it out in summer.

Pros and Cons:

Shades definitely look better than blinds and their versatility and infinite experimental options can add beauty even to a shack.

Vinyl shades are to be hand washed and fabric shades are to be vacuumed regularly for they catch dirt and grime.