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Bean Bags

We manufacture custom made to measure bean bags & poufs that suits the space of your home. We have wide variety of fabrics and accessories to offer, to make your own custom upholstery.

Bean bagsA fast paced life is the reason for mental as well as physical exhaustion which has to be dealt with by every individual. While meditation is a beautiful escape from the overstressed lifestyle, bean bags also rescue from the burden of daily happenings and are an ultimate relaxation entity.

Meditation on a bean bag chair? This combo is the best stress cure.

Medicine And Bean Bags.

Incorrect sitting postures have to lead to many irreversible bone and cartilage deformities which in turn plays a havoc on an individual’s lifestyle by hampering many vital functions, thanks to the compression of nerves by the deformed structures. Doctors have themselves started using ergonomic furniture and are prescribing people to use the same, in order to prevent those life restricting conditions.

Befriend Bean Bags

People who work long hours or have a sedentary lifestyle must seek refuge in bean bags. It is the best ergonomic furniture, and its use will prevent all those back aches, joint aches, and headaches. Bean bags are an ideal furniture one can ever invest in, for it eliminates all the causes of physical and mental tension, which may lead to depression.

Pocket-Friendly And Versatile

Pocket friendly versatileBean bags are dirt cheap as compared to other furniture types. This misconception was compelled by many influential furniture makers, but to their dismay, bean bags thrived and people are willing to replace old school chairs with them. These beauties last forever and are low maintenance.

Improved Productivity At Work

Bean bags prevent serious back injury and keep the muscles and body calm thus keeping at bay all the stiffness and pain caused due to a hunched back over a computer for long working hours.


Let's Be Kind To Mother Earth

Bean bags are eco-friendly. They don’t require millions of trees cut in order to make it to people’s lives. Bean bags are the best replacement of conventional wooden chairs and are a promising way to stop deforestation and global warming. These chairs are filled with shredded memory foam which doesn’t destroy the worldly setup.

Your Kind Of Bean Bag Chairs

Kind bean bag chairsPersonalize your bean bag chairs at MARS Groups. Our diligent team will design it as per your specifications using absolute best fabric and quality fillers which ensure durability and style. Choose from our wide variety of colors, fabrics, sizes and designs.

Beautify Your Office

How about getting your office logo imprinted on your bean bag chairs? Or a name tag on those (insert for permanent employees) that will not only make them feel at home but also leave an impact on all your competitors and visitors.

The innovative design of bean bags make them handy and light in weight, and thus can be taken to far off places where need be, in the trunk of your car.