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Sofa Loose Covers

Majlis is an Arabic term meaning “a place of sitting” to describe various types of special gatherings among common interest groups. We have a wide variety of fabrics with choice of colors, textures and patterns are available.

Sofa Covers

Sofa coversEvery once in a while we feel like re-decorating our homes or offices by changing our sofas at first but only the idea of getting a newer sofa set is enough to put us through procrastination. Well, we almost always forget a cooler newer way to approach sofa change that is “changing sofa covers”. It works just like a change. Not only does it change the appearance but if there’s a need you could also get some filling done underneath.

From glossy to classic, we have a wide range of loose sofa covers that would look great on your sofas. You don’t need to buy new furniture, all you have to do is call us in and we’ll refresh the very sofas anew.

Here’s Mars Group’s sofa covers can do an amazing job:

Surprise People

It’s a great way to surprise your friends and colleagues. As they come to your place and see a rather new sofa set every time. A sofa does have the capability change the entire outlook of the room. If you want people to get surprised and amazed when they visit you, get a sofa cover change from Mars Group.

Additional Filling

Additional fillingMany times, it’s not just the change of appearance that you’re looking for. You probably feel like the sofa has lost its mattress with time and is now old enough to be sold away. Well, it’s not! All it needs is filling and/or replacement of the mattress within, which your home design and maintenance help, Mars Group, can do easily for you. So, if you think your sofa is too old and well beyond saving, you’re wrong! Call Mars Group and they’ll be with you with a number of options to refreshen up the very sofas that you loved at a time.

Contrast With Cushions

Contrast with cushionsWe have cushions to go with sofas too. If you’re looking for a better look, just get a contrasting pair of cushions with your new sofa cover and you would ace it.



Base Unchanged, Unaffected

And while we do change the outlook of the sofa, even the mattress filling, if told to, what’s unchanged is the base of the sofa. You can be assured that the strength of the sofa in terms of its framework is always unaffected.

A New Look Every Time You Want

Doesn’t it make life easier? Isn't this like getting a new makeover done for your home, say, every 6 months, if you wish? Sounds great to us. We’d love to see you be happy and excited about a newer kind of set-up every 6 months. While people may think you have a great amount of money to keep buying newer furniture, this will continue to be our little secret that it’s only a sofa cover change.

Mars Group, your most trusted and loyal sofa redesigning help, are just a call away.