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Stripe series is or your classic retro look for home and office that needs that special attention to detail.

Carpets beautifulWith the purpose of helping the people and beautifying the world, Mars Group along with offering you other certain range of products offers carpets in Abu Dhabi too. All of us living in Abu Dhabi, we are constantly trying to uplift our lifestyle. Considering this, it is only valid that we use the most important decorative furnishing in the house, a carpet, most adequately. A good carpet adds the missing link to a room, it’s the last piece of the puzzle. Without this, a room is incomplete in its décor and with this the puzzle is complete. Here’s why you should get carpets from us.

We Have An Eye For Detail:

Our collection of carpets is based on the highly developed sense of aesthetics by our expert team which evaluates a given carpet on the basis of its texture, quality, and design detail. After this careful evaluation, we negotiate prices for you and bring you the finest carpets from the world’s most renowned sellers. There’s hardly a type of carpet you wouldn’t find with us.

Our Network

How we can always find the best options for our customers is through our extensive network across UAE and globally. Our channel partners allow us to let you have all sorts of options from low priced to high. This also allows us to cater any and every need according to the theme requirement from a workplace or a home setting. As we open different options to you, we also explain you the technical detail and bits about different options and how one differs from another in the raw material used in its making. Our guidance through a selection of the right carpet lets you make an informed decision and shows you a clear picture behind price differences.

Only The Finest Quality:

Finest qualityWe hold ourselves responsible for the products we provide you. It is our understanding that our products and installments at your place are our paintings which we would want to leave ever-lasting impressions on. And since it is our mission to provide the best of service and products, we put different carpets through a check of quality with our experienced technician, only after the approval of whom, do we sell you the carpets. For us, it’s not just the looks but also the longevity of the carpet. Even after the sell, we are there for you if you need tips on getting the carpet cleaned or even if you want us to clean it

It is with pride that Mars Group says that we are honest professionals who keep values and innovation as our guiding principle. We are a firm dedicated, ambitious and geared to be rising above the ladder in the competitive industry of Abu Dhabi and we get our strength from our vision to help people and beautify their living and working spaces.