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Electrical Works

Repairs specialistsMars Group provides most trusted electrical work services in Abu Dhabi. We have been doing this for quite some time now and have completed a good number of electrical wiring projects in a few bigger buildings across Abu Dhabi

Our competitiveness in this industry comes from the following advantages we have over other options that you might consider for electrical works/repairs

Repairs Specialists:

Electrics can be confusing. And while some people do find the courage and gut to do the task on their own, it is always advised to have a professional perform the repair to avoid any unfortunate incident. At Mars Group we have repairs specialists who identify the problem as soon as they see a circuit, with a technically sound background, our technician's strength is their expertise, experience, knowledge and constant training. We understand how the world is changing so dramatically in the digital age and hence keep creating awareness about newer sockets and circuits and their function to our qualified technicians


Electricity maintenanceIf you’re an industry or a workplace concerned about the safety of your employees or need to have regulatory maintenance checks and fixes to follow international guidelines, we are your best business collaborators in Abu Dhabi, we assure you smooth and easy maintenance checks with the lowest disturbance to the functionality of the organization.

Safety – Yours And Ours

Sometimes even going against the norm we’d keep your and our safety first. Our workers are always taken the precautionary measures to avoid an injury on themselves and whenever we begin working, it is through repetitive reinforcement of the technicians, that they’d always make the space safe first, with no members of the workplace or residence around.


Definitely Not A Cost-Cutting Opportunity

We’d even go against you if it violates our sense of creating a better and safer society. We’ll be very open with the options, from low-cost to high costs, but we will never let you take the prices so low that it becomes a hazard due to the use of lower strength cables for running higher voltage requiring appliances. Mars Group cares for you and will never install a substandard quality, especially in electrical works, even if you insist on saving some amount.

Highest International Standards

Electricity SafetyWe have knowledge of the global set standards for electrical works services and we always obey to those. If you’re a firm looking for international accreditation, we can be a great help in letting you achieve your goal.

Our Commitment

Our vision, professionalism and integrity binds us to always performing the best. At Mars Group, only the finest of services and an indubitable determination and commitment is promised.