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How Does A Letter of Credit Work?

A letter of credit is issued by a bank and it works well for both the buyer and the seller in a well-defined trade deal, even if it is international. The buyer gets a refund in case of non-deliver whereas the seller will get full assurance of payment.

An Introduction to The Three Types of Cloud Computing Service Models

In order to make your IT business in Dubai more robust, you need to implement tailor-made cloud service models such as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS to gain a competitive edge in the market by reducing costs and also improving the productivity of the business.

The Myths About Plastic Surgery

We all know there could be multiple factors affecting plastic surgery outcome like underlying health conditions, healing time, infections, blood clotting, quality of material used, cleanliness of equipment. Common myths are revealed here.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Car Rental Company in Dubai

Not all car rental companies are the same and you need to find one that best suits your preferences, needs, and vacation plans. We have compiled a list of considerations to keep in mind before settling down with a rental company.

Why Are Chevrolet Cars Popular Among Car Rental Customers in Dubai?

Chevrolet cars are among the most lavish cars that one can afford to have. If you want to drive the car but don’t wish to spend the money on purchasing it, you can just rent a Chevrolet car for a month and fulfill your dream of driving a Chevrolet.

How to Choose a Catering Company for Your Event?

No event can be truly successful without an expansive and delicious food menu. There should be no compromise on the quality of the food otherwise the guests will less leave disappointed. Read through for some useful tips on selecting a caterer for your upcoming event.

The Best Yachts for a Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai

A yacht cruise presents itself as the perfect opportunity to enjoy luxury, comfort, and safety all at the same time. From extensive onboard activities to world-class food, there are plenty of available options. Read through to know our selection of luxury yachts that you should choose for your next yacht charter in Dubai.