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The floral series features floral patterns for your bedrooms or the rooms where you are looking for peace.

Beautiful curtainsIt can be draining for you to choose the right curtains for your space since there are never ending options of colors, finishes, fabrics, styles, patterns and what not. To add to a headache, curtains are not even cheap and thus you need to invest in the right ones for your space, to begin with. Curtains must be both beautiful and functional as they may be quite costly if you intend to replace them often.

Revitalize your space for a stronger impact by using elegant and colorful drapery options. We at MARS Groups offer the most stylish and on-trend options which are not just unique and one of a kind but also cost-effective and user-friendly.

Curtains add to the ambiance and feel of the place. The personality added by curtains speaks so much so that even a shack can appear all royal if the right kinds of curtains are used to decorate it, and of course to keep the unwanted light from outside, outside.

Do You Want A Curtain Or A Drape For Your Room?

It's not a very tough choice, for both are different in appearance and function. In general, curtains are informal, extend to the length of the window, and are made of lighter fabric whereas drapes are floor length, formal and comprise of an extra flannel lining to make it appear more flared and to enhance its pleating if any. Both of these are made exact how you like it and a lot of variety and colors can come into play to find the best window treatment for the decor of your house.

What Design Suits You Best?

Design curtainsMARS Groups offers you a team that has a global exposure, a team that knows what will serve the purpose alongside adding to the amazing sight and experience to the room. Our learned team not only help you decide the fabric and colors but also help in every little detail that has to be taken care of in that particular window treatment. From sheers to gathered, to lace to the cafe, we have it all. All the styles for all the spaces of your home.

Any window treatment you opt for plays an important part in room design, your privacy, conservation of energy and that extra oomph which is needed for a feel good experience. So if you want an above average experience and designing, let Mars Groups take care of your needs and add versatility to your life.

Your must trusted and loyal soft furnishing help, Mars Group, we are only a call away.