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General Cleaning

Cleaning servicesCleaning can be a difficult process for a home, workplace or industry. While there are day-to-day measures taken almost everywhere to ensure a clean environment, there are some deeper marks of dirt that would require rather a thorough process, for instance, our tiles which seem clean with day to day wash are blackened more and more with passing time. Evident or not, there are deep-seated dirt problems that one should seek professionals for.

Here’s why Mars Group is your best choice for general cleaning service.

General, intermediate, and deep:

We offer all three kinds of cleaning depending on the client and space. For a smaller, routinely washed, home or workplace, a general or intermediate cleaning procedure works just fine. For a larger workplace, industry or a bigger home, deep cleaning procedures are required more often than not.


EquipmentCleaners clean their equipment. We have gathered only the finest equipment from around the world. Our machines can dig out the most deep-seated dirt.

Use of safe chemicals

We understand the concern of safety on the part of our client. We only use safe chemicals, chemicals that are the least harmful to human body and chemicals which can be easily cleaned off a place. It doesn’t require a lot of time after we have completed the service for the place to continue to be utilized by families or employees. After only a couple of hours after ur service, you can resume your service.


Antimicrobial agents

Cleaning antimicrobial agentsOur cleaning rids the space off of any microbes that might be there. Many times, day to day wash fails to wash away all the bacteria, leaving some nooks and corners untouched. We at Mars Group completely wash away most of the microbes in the space. Our chemicals, even though are harmless to humans, continue to be resistant to microbial living for quite some time.

Long-living Finesse

Our works do the talking. Anywhere across Abu Dhabi if you see our work or service, you’d see the beauty and perfection in it. To us, it’s our painting and our impressing in the world and we make sure we make the most beautiful one. While most of the maintenance companies already do that, what differentiates us from most are our ethical clientele building. We don’t want our client to have a short-term comfort, but we try harder to make our work stick for best as long as possible.


Detail is important to us. The corners, often unnoticed areas during painting or cleaning, or the things that would show sheer clumsiness and/or work skipping on our part is totally not a Mars Group work. We don’t only give our services to perfection for building client but we do it for our loyalty to the work. If we can’t maintain to our best, what are we? Why are we? Or who are we?