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Plumbing & Sanitary Services

Plumbing servicesMars Group has only been providing their very best in plumbing services. While it may seem like a shorter field, bad plumbing or damaged pipes are the major cause of long-term silent destroyers of property’s infrastructure and ceiling. It is for this reason that one can't afford to have a substandard quality of work in plumbing. Lucky for you, Mars Group already knows this and always urges its workers to make sure every joint is fixed tight so there are no leakages anywhere hidden beneath the walls.

What Mars Group does!

Our Plumbing services in Abu Dhabi extend to homes, villas, and offices. From repairs of taps, showers, toilets, sinks to lawn irrigation system and swimming pool maintenance, Mars Group does all with most satisfying outcomes.

Why us?

With plenty of plumbing services in Dubai, why should you choose us as your plumbing help? We are not claiming to be the best, not that we aren’t but we know claiming is going to do no good. What we do want to claim is that if not the best, we are your most loyal and trusted plumbing help in all of Abu Dhabi

Plumbing isn’t easy and we have just the right experts.

Yes. Plumbing isn’t a technique that one can do on its own from some YouTube watching or google help. With pipes hidden underneath and beneath the walls, plumbing becomes the job of only an expert to perform. We have Abu Dhabi’s finest technicians on-call with us who are specialists in particular aspects of plumbing.

This is our contribution

We all know how water dynamics are currently working for Gulf States. It has now become a “precious commodity” and hence this is our contribution to society, this is how we are giving back. To save water is to save a life.

The “Mario” Plumbing.

Mario PlumbingI am sure we all remember the Mario, game character and his plumbing skills. Our experts are no less. What’s identical between our technicians and Mario is that we would go to any lengths to help people. And while coins or profits do serve a great deal, what matters most is helping the people. Like Mario, we are super plumbers, with an unparalleled confidence in our technique and professionalism.


Our workers have only the finest etiquette and respond in the nicest manner. Also, what we take pride in, as a firm, is our time-management capability. Our professionalism binds us to always delivering in time. This can be small repairs or a huge task like replacement of the pipe systems, our “Mario” plumbers are with you on this.

If you need plumbing services in Abu Dhabi, don’t forget your most loyal and trusted option is Mars Group, with experts who can finish a task within no time, we are just a call away!