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External And Internal Painting

Painting on wallThis is our guide to our painting services section. Mars Group has an unparalleled expertise in both external and internal painting. This can be for your home, workplace, or an industry, we have done a multitude of projects. What we can assure you with is that we offer only our best service. Our ambition to be the biggest general maintenance firm in Abu Dhabi is a motivation seated in almost all of our workers, which enables them to always give superior performance making ever-lasting impressions and clientele. We do this for a special purpose as a once-only service and also as on regularly repeated intervals on the need mentioned by our client.

Why Mars Group

We understand that for your given need of painting you could choose any of the many painting services in Abu Dhabi. We have thus a list of following reasons to convince you to choose Mars Group as your collaborator on this endeavor of getting your walls painted.


We have gathered a set of best technicians with thorough experience in painting from all over Abu Dhabi. Our technicians are often engaged in training and learning newer ways to come up with a solution that saves time and also beautifies the task.

Time management

Time managementTime management is at the heart of what we do. Time definitely is money, for our client and for us, especially when it’s a business. We don’t over or under commit and we toil our best efforts possible into making over-deliver possible.

Guidance on colors

Professionals from our firm are always there to assist you in the process of getting just the right color that goes with your theme at work or your furniture at your home. Our experts are well-versed with the science of colorology and can exactly explain to you how each color responds to your brain neurochemistry. Colors have this unique ability to set-up your day or dim it down. If you use the right colors at your workplace or home you could get a rather positive outlook on life.


Artistic interventions

Guidance on colorsAt the insistence of client, sometimes our technicians could outperform and offer a wall painting that’s innovative and beautiful. With due permission from the client, this sometimes-performed act of innovation in the simple painting make the customer fall in love with their wall. We could only suggest you get this done, but don’t get too experimental, if your gut tells you to get it done, yes! If not, get a simple paint done.

Mars Group is here to help beautify

Our painting service is closest to our vision to help people beautify their homes or workplace. Probably this is the reason we take most pride and spend most efforts in getting this done right.

Our painting’s “fine” makes finesse jealous!

Mars Group, your most loyal painting help in Abu Dhabi, is just a call away.