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Curtain Accessories

The metallic series has three distinct types, the Metallic, Metallic Shine and the Metallic Print samples of which are visible below:

Curtain polesCurtains or drapes, whatever made to your window treatment must be already amazing, but an addition of accessories here and there with a tinge of sparkle, a dash of color or a contrasting bow will take your interior game to the next level.

We at MARS Groups make curtains super functional, so much so that daily opening and closing are as easy as it gets. And of course, they continue to look fabulous, for they are made with the finest fabric and utmost love.

Accessorize Them

Accessories for curtainCurtain poles, finials, fittings and curtain rings are the accessories, used to add an extra impact to those curtains. The right curtain rings and curtain hooks assure separate cards even when drawn together, maintaining the ever so fascinating pencil pleat shape. Result? Smooth drawing and the opening of your drapes and curtains whilst they continue to charm with their amazing-ness.

As per your selected pole style, be it wooden, steel or brass; our curtain eyelets and curtain rings stay in place ensuring your curtains look fantastic at all times.

MARS Groups is more like a one-stop curtain solution shop. Many times, door curtains or heavy window dressings require thick curtain poles for sufficient support. Options available at our facility include extra wide curtain rings which help space out your drapes beautifully without any in drawing issues. Our range of curtain hooks hangs a curtain from your poles with maximum strength, so it's not bothersome for you in months or a years’ time. Evenly spaced curtains are like a dream so fine, one wouldn’t want to wake up. We deliver this breathtaking look by using metal curtain hooks or plastic curtain fixtures to give your curtains a flawless finish along with maximum durability.

Curtains or drapesDecorate your drapes and curtains


Best used to hide drapery hardware or can be used as a decorative piece as well.


Fabric, pleated or boxed hung from the top in crescents.


A thoroughly pleated fabric hung in proximity with swag is jabot, it is easy to experiment with jabot.

Beautify The World!

Curtains are an important component of our work, given our vision, to help people and beautify homes or office and in turn the world. Curtains are an important furnishing of the house and newer kinds of curtains require not only good fabric for an effective fall but It also requires effective installation of accessories.

So if you want decorative curtains and accessories for your home or office, MARS Groups is the place you are looking for, it does not only offer curtains and drapes but also offer panels, rods, clips and brackets for your decorative treatments which aid in both privacy and style.

You are just a call way from getting yourself the finest curtain accessories installed.