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Diesel Generators By Jubaili Bros In UAE

Diesel generators in Dubai

The diesel engines usually run on diesel fuel but some of the types of the generators may need other natural gases or fuels in order to create electricity. The diesel engines are usually used in the areas with no power connections or to create an electricity in emergency when the power grid fails. It is also used to support the power grids when the need for electricity rises.

Diesel generator UAE - Jubaili Bros group of companies are the most leading companies in UAE which are helping many countries around the globe in providing diesel generators.

Jet (Jubaili Engineering Technology) is also known as jet diesel generators. The company is making diesel generators since years to export these generators to different countries. The main quality of their generators is that they are assembled in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates and Jubaili group are Supplying their generators at very low cost.

The Jubaili group is supplying a wide range of generators of 9KVA up to 2500 KVA. The company is providing their generators to different industries such as construction, oil and gas, mining, service sectors, businesses, industries, power stations and more.

The Jubaili Group is supplying generators that are powered by Perkin engines and with Leroy-Somer alternators along with deep sea controllers and ABB components.

Perkins is also the kind of generators which are used in Asia, Middle East, Africa and different regions of the world.

The Jubaili Bros also providing a vast range of different models of generators which include standby models of 50 and 60 Hz with the application range of 380V to 480V for the 60Hz application. These generators are of fixed speed which may either 1500rpm or 1800 rpm.

The Jubaili Group is providing one year of warranty at the generators against any damage with terms and conditions.

The company also supplies fast moving spare parts of different models of generators. The well-experienced staff of Jubaili Group of companies are always ready to provide customer support. You can also send them an email or call them for in case of any query related to diesel generators.

Their other services include Marapco generators and solar solutions.

They Jubaili Group is serving their customers with many other services with by providing reliable products and expert’s advice.

The Jubaili Group of companies also supplying a vast range of different energy or solar products. These products include Marapco generators:

Diesel generators solutions for home

  • Solar solutions
  • Marapco light tower
  • Control Panels
  • Synchro Solutions
  • Hybrid Solutions

They make most easy to operate generators with almost no noise. They are providing generators of all sizes for residential or commercial areas across the globe. The company always work to improve the quality of their generators.

There are 27 branches of Jubaili Groups around the world in different countries. They are worldwide dealers and suppliers of Generators.