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Different types of pergolas

If you are in Dubai, you must be aware of how important it is to create shades in your lawn, office or anywhere. While creating the shades, why not go for modern trends and designs? Isn’t that great? You are not only creating shade for your comfort but also enhancing the aesthetics and beauty of your place.

One thing that is integral in the construction and design of shade is the pergolas and let us tell you an important thing that pergolas come in various types and styles. Each of the styles adds value to your design. A well thought out pergola is definitely going to boost and complement your house, office, or garden in a positive, cost-effective and comfortable way.

Different types of pergolas

Types of pergolasLet’s take you through some of the basic types of pergolas

Sail pergolas

These pergolas are known to give a modern, sleek and stylish look to your shade and adds value to the surrounding. It is incorporated by a stretched sail that is suspended between posts as the main roofing structure.

Pitched pergolas

The named clearly suggests that pitched pergolas include an angled or pitched roof. They are different from flat-roofed pergolas. The main advantage of pitched pergolas is that they provide excellent water runoff and come with a wide variety of attractive designs.

Steel pergolas

Steel pergolasSteel pergolas and gazebos are mainly constructed by using the steel beams. These are known to be extremely rigid, firm, long-lasting and durable. These pergolas add a diverse look to the timber and complement your Escape Luxury Living.

Open top pergolas

Those pergolas and gazebos that are open top or without a roof are known as open top pergolas. These pergolas add a distinctive touch to the outdoor areas where they are installed and also assist fresh flow of air.

Gabled pergolas

This type can be recognized by their triangular shape and mostly come with a peaked roof. These pergolas are also famous for good water runoff and provide extra vacuum due to their height.


Basic knowledge about the features, types and benefits of pergolas is a must. As this information will enable you to come out with the best shade designing and construction, according to your needs.