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Getting Wallpaper? Keep These Two Things In Mind

Wallpaper Installation Dubai Among the many aspects of the interior of a house, the most notable one is the color and the décor on the walls.

This is why many homeowners enjoy the task of selecting wall decoration that will bring color, liveliness, and warmth to their rooms.

In the renovation or building phase, the walls also receive quite a bit of the attention and spending of the owner. This is why, while previously having been an overlooked aspect of the design, interior decorators are also giving it the importance it deserves.

A wall with a themed coat of paint or the right type of wallpaper not only brings the interior to life, but sets it apart from the age-old trend of decorating all the walls in the house with a single chosen shade.

Until very recently, the task of wall design and decoration was a simple one. People would call the painters and look through a number of shades, and then decide which one they want in each room.

More recently though, wallpaper installation Dubai – Décor Bayt has gained a lot more deserved attention.

This guide explores two major aspects about wallpapers that you should keep in mind, if you have decided to get them.

Getting The Walls Ready

Getting the walls ready is something that takes the most time and effort when it has already been decorated with wallpaper or paint before.

While bare walls do not need the same amount of preparation, keep in mind that when they have wallpaper already on before, it will become a longer process to get rid of it, to make it ready for new wallpaper.

Previous wallpapers that have been installed poorly, or used up too much adhesive will also take more time to remove safely.

Decor Bayt

On the other hand, whether you have decided on wallpaper or paint, if the wall is currently rough and damaged, the best practice is to fix and fill these blemishes before new work.


Even if you make sure the walls do not get stained, there are a number of factors that can affect how they react to the many environmental aspects of inside the house.

For houses that receive a lot of sunlight, or those that keep the windows open, there is more of a chance of dust and other particles coming in and spoiling the cleanliness of the wallpaper or paint.

Wallpaper is a lot more vulnerable to damage and spoiling from sunlight, compared to paint. In general, the best idea is to avoid the use of wallpaper in areas that receive direct sunlight, since this is likely to discolor or fade it.

Away from the wind and the air, wallpaper will last longer, making it best for decoration of the drawing and bedrooms.